We'll Give You Eight Bucks: 18K Dodge Dart

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Leaving the New York Auto Show last week, several of the Jalops were approached by a enterprising Town Car driver. The gypsy-cabbie offered to bring us downtown for the princely sum of $45. Spinelli bid this soon-to-be-hapless hack to look for another sucker a guy with a carnation in his lapel to cough up the 45 bucks. Wrapping up the interaction was a final, unaccepted offer. Thus the name of this post. In this and future Eight Bucks posts, we'll find folks with cars for sale, who like the cabbie, may have become victims of their own overly enthusiastic enterprise.


The Dodge Dart will always hold a special place in the A-body section of our heart as the affordable underdog. Entire books and countless magazine articles have been written about the [insert legendary muscle car here], but the Dart and its Plymouth brother Valiant have long been synonymous with affordable and fun transport. Whether equipped with the leaning tower of power Slant 6 or any number of V-8 mills, the Dart and Valiant were for the longest time the 500-dollar car of choice for cat-eye glasses wearing geek girls and hoist toting engine swappers alike. What other automobile was ever worthy enough to wear the name Swinger? Obviously attempting to cash in on the muscle car craze via Craigslist Los Angeles, this guy has an "original" 340 Dart, with most everything original removed from the car listed for 18 large. The 340 has been yanked for a 440. The original 4-speed replaced with an automatic. Various parts from the Summit and/or Jegs catalog have been installed in place of the stock Mopar stuff, and the engine bay features plenty of supplemental wiring for maximum performance. Oh, and this rare and rattle-can primered classic Mopar needs paint.

68 DODGE DART GTS 340 4-Speed [craigslist.org]

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This is sad...I'm a Dart man('69 GTS w/ a 440/4sp and a '70 Swinger w/ a 318). I'm (desperately) looking around for '69 Valiant 100 or (less desperately) another nice Swinger/GTS for a project car and every crackhead with an A-Body who's seen Barrett Jackson wants wheelbarrows full of cash for substandard cars or every Joe throws a big block in Slant 6 car and wants 15-20k. It's starting to suck...bad.