Hey, it wouldn't be Jalopnik if we didn't try to improve something you already thought was working well. Amirite? In this case, we've reacted to a few complaints you've had about page density, ad units, and other little things. Let us know your thoughts below.

Real quick, here are some things in reaction to complaints you've made or problems we saw:

  • (1.) Where did those headlines go!?! Few of you were using the little drop-down bar to find headlines, which was a solution to seeing what was popular. They've been move backed to the side as in the prior design.
  • (2.) I'm tired of seeing the same ad over-and-over! Remember that Ray Donavan animated ad that ran in a huge bar across the page every few stories? The one with Leiv Schrieber kicking in a door? Yeah, that annoyed us, too. Now we've moved them out to the side.
  • (3.) My scroll-wheel is broken! Yeah, ok, we loved the huge pretty pictures on the front page. But data (and complaints about breaking your hand from scrolling so much) convinced us it was better to increase the density of the page. Some images will be smaller, but we'll still have larger pics on the front page and those big beautiful images inside the page.
  • (4.) All sites in Kinja looks the same! Ok, maybe this was just an editor-level thing. You tell me. I didn't like that our sites had less of an identity than they did before. This allows us to play with banners and ads and images, adjust seasonably, and make the site more unique.

Ok, that's the explanation. Some stuff might break, other stuff will still hopefully work. I'm on the road today but ask your questions and I'll do my best to answer.