Welcome To Kentucky, Here's Your Six-Wheeled El Camaro

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We couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw this six-wheeled, Road-Runner-spoilered, Ferrari-straked "El Camaro" in flat black primer hailing from Ashland, Kentucky. The bold scent of awesome and Schlitz practically wafts from the eBay listing.

Go ahead, pretend you aren't magnetically drawn to the distilled perfection of this magnificent machine. It's got everything a follically gifted and dentally challenged buyer could possibly want. The high rear spoiler is perfect for pretending you're Richard Petty at Daytona, the enormous steel-floored bed is aching for either a garage full of partially complete 70's-era motorcycles or a mobile moonshine still, the Camaro nose sets you apart from the crowd and Ferrari-like side strakes add just enough class to help the odds during ladies night. And then there's the double axle action powered by a good ole V8 engine. Great El Camino? Or greatest El Camino ever? Let the owner convince you if the pictures haven't already:

For sale is a 1980 Chevy Elcamino.This car does runs n drives good.The carb isnt very good.I drive this car every day,this car was originally in car shows until about 7 yrs ago,it has been in magazines also.This car has set in a mans back yard for the last 7 or 8 yrs i bought this car about a yr ago i do drive it daily.I put the car in primer when i bought it,the frame n body is in good shape frame is not rusted out.


Would you believe nobody's snapped this baby up yet? Current bid's $1,422.00 and the reserve hasn't been met, so get going. (Hat tip to Conner)

[eBay listing]

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I can be Stig?

Is i tthe same one that wa son e-bay a year ago, or could there really have been two of them?