“What if we just threw out all the rules?” is the familiar refrain to anyone that’s heard an argument about racing. And while there have been a few instances of that idea in history (Can-Am, for example), none captures our heart quite like Group B of the 1980s. It’s Christmas, and since Raph and I are the only ones working today, welcome, friends, to Group B-smas.

“BUT WAIT!” you exclaim. “Isn’t the grand Jalopnik tradition of two Jews working on Christmas Group C-smas????” And it is! Or it was, until we got bored of Group C and GT1 racing and decided to do Group B instead this year.

So Group B-smas it is.

Chill out, hang out, avoid your family and get your Group B rally on with two Jews this Christmas. It’s just Tuesday for us anyways. We’ll have Lancia 037s, Audi Quattros, an MG Metro 6R4 if we’re really lucky, and a whole menagerie of French hatchbacks with the engine in the wrong place.


Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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