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I used to believe that there was a fine line between automobiles and architecture, but BMW has come along and shattered those preconceived notions with BMW Welt, or BMW World, a showroom, mall "delivery center." This industrial- and futuristic-looking building holds all things BMW. Most importantly it is where Germans can go pick up their shiny new toys while enjoying other necessities, such as lattes, digital vehicle simulations, mall-like stores and more (What? No Weizenbock?). The experience is topped off by a staircase that leads to a showroom, where a BMW can be presented like it's the f'ing Nobel Prize—complete with special spotlighting and a fake paparazzi-style photographer.

The delivery center was designed by Wolf Prix of Coop Himmelb(l)au, a extremely famous architectural firm. The obvious justification for a building like this is to enhance the car-buying experience. Allowing users to test out vehicle features in a virtual reality simulator, having rotating platforms, driving the car off the showroom floor and more all make consumers feel like they bought something really special (and not necessarily a BMW).


The center is located in Mun and took six years to construct. If you have an eye for architecture, give this so-called delivery center a shot. If, however, you just want to pick up your BMW, go with the run-down BMW dealership off the interstate. You're getting the same car, minus all of the bullshit. [NY Times, BMW Welt, Coop Himmelb(l)au]
(Images via NY Times)

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