Welcome To 2016, When Kids Celebrate The New Year By Pushing A Car Down Train Station's Stairs

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Fireworks aren’t the hip and cool way to celebrate New Year’s Eve anymore—at least, not for the kids in Brussels. Nope. Rather than shooting explosives up, 2016 is the year of throwing cars down the stairs. At a train station.

Ball dropping in New York, car dropping in Belgium. It’s all the same, minus the danger levels and legality, that is.

The stunt reportedly occurred during the station’s operating hours, but ABC News reports that no one was hurt by the vehicle. The group couldn’t even wait until midnight to pull it off, though; the incident happened around 8 p.m. on Thursday, and it shut the station down for the remainder of the night.


“Happy New Year, but you can’t travel because some kids celebrated a little too hard this time around and closed the station!”

Luckily, all of the perpetrators stayed outside of the vehicle. From ABC:

According to Guy Sablon of the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB), nobody was in the car at the time.

“Youngsters pushed a small car...down the stairs of Clemenceau metrostation...and the car finished on the platform and hit a wall,” he said. “Luckily no one was hurt.”

The station called in a special train to haul the car away during the unexpected closure, reopening on New Year’s Day after removing the, uh, obstacle at the bottom of the stairs. Despite video footage of the recklessness, ABC reports that as of Friday, it was not clear whether police made any arrests after the incident.

And while the kids seem to have gotten away with it for the time being, the car wasn’t nearly as lucky. It’s not the prettiest shade of green, but that doesn’t exactly warrant a trip down into the abyss of a train station.


But in situations like these, the question becomes: how did such a destructive group acquire a “throwaway” car to toss down the nearest flight of stairs anyway?

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