Welcome Back To Jalopnik, How Are You Doing?

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Well, that sucked.

When we look back at the long list of tragedies that occurred this week thanks to a Frankenstorm Snor'Eastercane named Sandy I doubt the temporary moving of Jalopnik from its usual home to a Tumblr is going to be high on it. Or on it at all.

It was an inconvenience, but nothing more. Our challenge in trying to keep a site up while our servers, data center, office, and many employees were unable to connect to the outside world means little when compared to the challenge of the many people who will now have to rebuild their lives without their homes, possessions, and in some cases without their loved ones. Here's one way to help.

Still, it means something to all of us that you kept coming back to read our dispatches and are back today. I'll cover some of the questions you might have below and I invite everyone to use Kinja to ask more and connect with other readers to tell us what you've all been up to this past week.


Six days without all of you is, realistically, six days without Jalopnik.

What the hell happened, I didn't even notice the switch?
Our data center was located in Lower Manhattan, a place which, in retrospect, was a stupid place to keep a data center. Our backup site rolls out next year, which didn't help us when the storm moved in (read more about that here).

Monday night the storm flooded the basement of data center and knocked out the power and the backup generators. We, like many others, scrambled to find a home so we could keep reporting. Tumblr offered a quick, easy platform and we're extremely grateful for their hospitality.

What about the posts in the Tumblr? Can we still read them?
Our tech team did a great job of importing the posts from the Tumblr to Jalopnik so they're all here. They're also at our Tumblr, which will stay up.


I kind of liked the Tumblr...
So did I, and the design we're rolling out in 2013 will incorporate some of those elements so we have an easier to read, more blog-like layout.

Are you all ok?
Some of us went unbathed for a few days, but we fared better than many.


When are you fully back to normal?
Starting now, I hope. For various reasons we won't have a Morning Shift on Monday, but we'll have posts starting at 7:30 AM with Traffic Jams, and going through NPOCP, QOTD, et cetera.

Anything else? Just ask us below.