We spotted this bad boy behind a storage facility in Atwater Village (near the Beastie Boys' studio). We'd just finished a conversation with our friend Jonee about a BMW 600 he found in a barn up north. All sorts of wild thoughts raced through our mind. Chief among them, how much will the owner let her go for? We've been looking around for a project car, and why the hell not? But then we actually got close to this "Ferrari."

The body looked straight enough, but we sure thought 365 GTB/4s were aluminum, not fiberglass. And what's with those giant Goodrichs?


That's just ugly... and really, something's rotten in Denmark.

Now hold on a minute. I recognize those pedals. Why would a Ferrari have the same pedals and hood release as my 1985 Pontiac?


Ah, because this car is bullshit.

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