Cats shown in photo are smaller than they appear. Also, they weren’t found at Circuit of The Americas. Sadly.

During a long break in track action at the United States Grand Prix on Friday, my colleague Stef Schrader decided it was a good idea to tell me, a crazy cat lady, that there may be about a dozen feral cats at Circuit of The Americas. Drop the laptops. Drop the blogs. We had to go find the cats.

If we’re honest here, the whole episode started a little bit before cars got off of the track. The Mercedes teammates were leading practice again, so that’s when we, uh, started talking about other things. Apparently, it’s a pretty well-known fact that Circuit of The Americas has a cat population. Even they blog about it.


So, we dropped everything and went to find the cats. We took this mission very seriously. Every nook, corner and cranny, we searched. Every turn, every patch of grass, every drain. Every car, even. You never know where the cats could be.

The cats weren’t at the Haas F1 Team hospitality. They gave us strange looks. The cats also weren’t in the helicopter, even though one cool cat flies that thing.


You either Huracan have a cat or you Huracan’t have a cat.

(At this point, people were really starting to judge us.)


We looked from the sky, we looked while crouched on the ground. We still found no cats. Only cars. Where could the cats be?

Circuit of The Americas, we’re looking at you. We want the cats. We did not find them.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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