We Want To Showcase The Best Damn Car Builds You've Ever Seen

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Were you the kind of awesome child that loved LEGOs and now you’re getting tetanus shots every week because you’re reliving it through rebuilding rusty cars? Do you want to see something come from nothing? Do you like artful expressions of automotive excellence? Well, then - make yourself at home.


This is a new series I’m trying called Build of the Week, in which I feature the best car builds from around the world. I’ll need help from my loyal subjects, er, readers to find the best damn example of automotive customization and out-of-the-box builds the world wide web has to offer.

Submissions can be builds completed by you, someone you know, or it can be something you’ve just seen online on a forum or on YouTube - anything is fair game, as long as it has pictures or video. (If the pictures are yours, let us know if we’re cool to run them here.)

I’ll feature the best build at the end of each week for your viewing pleasure, with as little snark as legally possible - which is quite a lot, actually.

You can comment here or email me with any of your suggestions. Make sure to write “Build of the Week” in the subject, or else I’ll forward your email address to a few totally legit Nigerian princes I know. OK, I won’t do that. Well, probably not.


(Photo Credit: Captain Roger Fenton 1860)

Tavarish is the founder of APiDA Online and writes and makes videos about buying and selling cool cars on the internet. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He won’t mind.




Kelly Moss built an offloading 911, it’s called the Safari RS, and it was built to go off road on some guys ranch, it has a gun rack, a big lift kit, off road tires, rally lights, winch, oh and a GT3 Cup car exhaust, so it sounds like an animal. It is a really neat car, one of the coolest modified 911s I have ever seen.