We’ve heard a lot about the Lyons LM2 Streamliner, a car that’s supposed to have 1700 horsepower, some sort of wireless capacity, and scream all the way to 290 MPH. Problem is, it wasn’t finished in time for its scheduled NY Auto Show debut last week. But... have no fear. It arrived to the show late, and we made a special trip back to take a look.


When we were first arrived at the New York Auto Show for last week’s press days, the car was nowhere to be found for its big debut. We heard some platitudes about the car not being quite up to the standards of company founder Kevin Lyons, but were promised that it would be there for the days when the show was open to the public.

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When we got there, we found it covered under a sheet as it had “fallen off the back of a truck,” and still wasn’t ready for the viewing public.

But with a bit of persuasion, we finally got the sheet off to see it. We also spoke with company CEO Kevin Lyons about his vision of the future. It’s... interesting.

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