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Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond brought car culture into millions of lives with over 20 seasons of the BBC’s Top Gear. Now the trio’s taking their antics on the road‚ driving, flying and grand touring with a massive Amazon budget on The Grand Tour. We caught up with two of them in Hollywood to check in.

Clarkson and May joined us at a hotel called The London, having just returned to Los Angeles from filming The Grand Tour out in the Mojave desert. Richard Hammond was there too, but he needed a little more time to “rehydrate” before he could sit under the glaring LEDs of our interview room.


I did my best to keep it casual while talking to two of the most influential people in the automotive entertainment industry to find out what’s up with their new show, the “DriveTribe” website/social media platform, working for Amazon, and what they think of this strange American election season.

We tried to get to as many of the questions you sent us too. Both Mr. Clarkson and May said they read Jalopnik, and Jeremy was cool enough to insist I read some of our reader-submitted questions before on of Amazon’s publicists kicked us out!

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