We See You And We Love You

Hey, you! You in that white BMW E60 M5 with the single greatest vanity license plate ever. We see you. And we love you (and your car).


This M5 was spotted by reader TFritsch doesn’t even like cars 99% of the time. But oh, that 1%., who was at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this past Saturday. And it just warms my heart so.

Besides the kickass license plate, we also spot a very subtle trunk lip-spoiler with Laguna Seca and Thunderhill Raceway stickers adorning the back window. And! Aftermarket exhaust tips, which almost certainly mean an aftermarket exhaust system. Because everybody wants to hear that 5.0-liter V10 SING.

Whoever you are, you are a class-fuckin’-act, my friend.

Update #1: A twist! User Alexioflexio wrote in to say that the reason the M5's Jalopnik spelling used a “4" instead of an “A” was because he stole the vanity plate first:

Image credit: Alexioflexio
Image credit: Alexioflexio

This could not make me any happier to see. A Jalopnik vanity plate on a wagon! Tell me that McLaren is going to get similar treatment.

Update #2: Reader Flynorcal, pink panther pantry thief, dehydrates easily has spoken! The white M5 does indeed belong to him. Here’s a photo of the front of it.


Do I spot blacked-out side- and kidney grilles as well?

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The reason, he had to misspell it, is because I HAD IT FIRST! Seriously?.. a misspelled me-too SEDAN gets credit, and my WAGON with the correctly spelled JALOPNK plate doesn’t? Is it because I don’t have a manual? Because if this what they mean by white privilege, then this is BS! That’s it, I’m changing my plate to TTAC or something preposterous like that in protest. (Sarcasm button firmly pressed).