We’re Going Hard At The 100th Indy 500 All Weekend!

Photo credit: AP Images
Photo credit: AP Images

The Indianapolis 500 only hits its milestone 100th race once. All eyes are on the sleepy burg of Speedway, Indiana, including ours. As such, five of us are here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, taking in the greatest spectacle in racing.

IndyCar’s sold-out Memorial Day weekend spectacular is shaping up to be a good one. Honda seems to have caught up to Chevrolet, and James Hinchcliffe won pole position with an average speed of only .060 mph more than Josef Newgarden’s. If it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be a hard-fought, close fight up until the very end. It ain’t IndyCar’s crown jewel for nothin’.

So, let’s bring the show to you, dear readers. Jalopnik sent real, live people to cover the race with me this time. Joining me will be video whiz Michael Roselli, delightful eccentrics David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky, and track day bro/photographer Kurt Bradley. Keep an eye on Facebook, as we’ll be live-streaming any up-close, behind-the-scenes footage we can grab.


Despite my dad’s cousin-in-law having owned part of an Indy team half a century ago, this is my first time here. It’s even bigger and crazier in person than I expected, and the entire town seems to embrace their leg of the motorsport’s Triple Crown.

What should we see? Where should we go? We’ll be getting as close as we can to the action this weekend, but what else would you like to see? Let us know.

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Former Indy resident who is now living in Belgium. This is super long, and I start off with food, but there is so much more, too.

There are two neighborhoods you should see, and you could probably write articles about them. Maybe for other Gawker sites, not Jalopnik.

One neighborhood is called Fountain Square. It’s just southeast of downtown. I hung out there before it was cool. It’s now “little Brooklyn/Hipster Central” but there is still some fantastic food and bars to hang out in. I recommend food at Thunderbird and cocktails at Brass Ring. You can also find some “modern” Mexican food at Revolucion with an outdoor patio. It probably won’t compare to your native Texas (that makes me sound stalkery.) You can also try your hand at Duck Pin bowling, and you can take the appropriate ‘lump with you. The duck (chicken?) duck pin bowling. Get it? Another place to go would be Hotel Tango Whiskey, which is another bar with good whiskey. You can also check out Milktooth and Bluebeard.

There is a neighborhood further east called Irvington which is where I used to live. There is a microbrewery called Black Acre Brewing you may enjoy. In the same commercial strip you can get high-end pizza at Jockamo and traditional American food at The Legend. Try to get there on Wednesday for their mac-and-cheese. This is the neighborhood where former Indy500 broadcaster Gary Lee (RIP) lived.

If you travel just a a hair out from Irvington you can find the old Ford plant, a vestige of the area’s role in auto manufacturing, as well as the old Navistar plant, which was at one point International Harvester, where they made the Scout. It’s now closed. Also on the same strip (Southeastern Ave) you’ll find the Speedrome, a figure-8 track. That’s worthy of like 3 main page posts.

Finally, one more place to hang out would be Mass Ave, which is just northeast of downtown. There are scores of bars there and good restaurants. The highest-end place is Black Market for a gourmet meal.