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Top Gear is back. Again. While it doesn’t premiere on U.S. television until next week, that delay has never really stopped the show’s legions of international fans from checking it out following its European premiere, which happened today. I say we talk about the first episode of Top Gear Series 24 right now.


Warning: If you’re American and waiting for that U.S. premiere, some spoilers will follow. Duh.

While several cast members are sticking around after 2016's post-Clarkson, May and Hammond reboot, last year’s season was kind of a false start. It showed promise in some areas but was dragged way down by the shouty, universally loathed mess that was Chris Evans. But Evans is gone now, thank god, and everyone from the production crew to the audiences seem happy about that.


In this new season Top Gear is focusing on the good stuff: a trio of hosts in the affable Matt LeBlanc, the wonderful Rory Reid, and the perpetually sideways Chris Harris. On tonight’s menu we have a test of the Ferrari FXX-K, a road trip to lovely Kazakhstan and a chat with actor James McAvoy.

Did you watch the show? Did you like it? Is Top Gear finally back? How did it stack up against that other car show on Amazon? Let us know what you think, and we’ll have more—including our own Jason Torchinsky’s visit to the show’s set—this week.

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