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While we may not always know what girls like, our friends at Outblush, the self-styled "web magazine for girls who love to shop," think girls like and want the Auto Bird Turd Kit. This $29 red-boxed emergency carry-all contains a spray bottle of H2O, windshield cleaning fluid, some towels, ziploc bags, cleaner wax, a micro-fiber sponge, towel and of course a few antibacterial hand wipes. We'll have to put this to the test one of these days by pushing one of us with a g-friend to gift it to their significant other as an anniversary or birthday gift. Preferably we'd like them to do it with a camera on โ€” because somehow we think this one won't go over so well. Or maybe that's just our male intuition. [Hat tip to UnCrate]

Auto Bird Turd Kit [Outblush]

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