Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIs in decent condition can be found on Craigslist all day long for upwards of $10,000, but how often does a perfectly beat-to-shit, single-owner example surface?

Yeah, this is one rare bird.

This Evo, with an asking price of $7,300, has damage all around its body, heavily faded paint, has a cable-tied license plate, and appears to lack a front passenger seat. But! According to its seller, “mechanically, it has never failed me and has been reliable to a fault.”


That’s the important thing, right?

In addition to its heavily mangled body, this Evo is sporting a “Whores Wanted” sticker. Tasteful!

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If we are to believe this seller, in true Evo spirit, this car was once modified and tuned to put out 440 horsepower—176 more than what Mitsubishi claimed from the factory. It’s safe to assume the massive pile of leaves collected under the hood doesn’t contribute to that additional power count.

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Look. If I’m being totally honest, this is probably the type of Evo I’d buy. Sure, it’s been seriously trashed, but it’s still a single-owner car with relatively low miles. If I could get this seller down to around $5,000 (and, uh, if I had $5,000 to spare), this thing would totally be my ice racer for the season.


Also, I’d probably dump that sticker up front.

Find the listing here.

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