We Found the Hardcore Honda Element

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This Mad Max’d Honda Element, spotted by a reader in Pennsylvania, proves once again that less is more. As long as you’re on board with “less” safety and comfort in exchange for “more” wasteland raider aesthetic.

I’m actually pretty impressed with how cool this Honda ended up looking just by stripping off its roof, doors, tailgate and front bumper. Well, doing that made it look apocalyptic. The matte finish, brush guard and array of headlights complete the ensemble and make it look savage.

My guess is that this is the result of a total loss crash. Maybe the roof was caved in and somebody made silver food coloring-flavored lemonade out of a lemon, so to speak.


Oh, and apparently we will also need to carry bicycles after the nuclear holocaust.

You know what–bikes would probably be a lot more practical than anything that burns gasoline in an environment where gas isn’t gettable. The bike rack might be the most authentically survivalist element on this, uh, Element.

I like the bikini top, too. Breezy and open cars are fun but baking in the sun all day is brutal. So why not dismantle your own car, today? Cover whatever is left in black paint and you’re off to the races–not only will your car be faster than ever, thanks to a major weight reduction, but nobody will mess with you anyway because you’ll look terrifying!


Don’t actually do that, please. But I mean, if you do, send us pics.

Hat tip to Tyler!