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The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck didn’t go completely as planned, unless you think Tesla CEO Elon Musk wanted two windows on the truck to smash in order to, I dunno, make himself seem endearingly fallible or something. At any rate, Musk posted a video late last night showing the front window not breaking after a steel ball impact. We can all go home now.

First, let’s all relive that double-window smash, which was one of the dumbest and funniest things I’ve ever seen at a car launch.


The more times I watch this the less I’m convinced Musk wanted this to happen or planned for it, as he seems genuinely sheepish in the aftermath, and he spent the rest of the launch sneaking looks at the smashed windows.

To correct the record, last night, Musk gave the world this:


In all seriousness, I quite enjoyed the Cybertruck’s launch. Every car launch should be that fucking weird.


Update, 12:36 p.m.: Lol.

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Looking forward to 17 more Cybertruck posts this weekend. Funny how you guys can’t stop writing about something you dislike so strongly.