We Asked The Top Gear Hosts Weird Questions About Cars

This Sunday the new season of Top Gear starts in the U.S., and I can’t imagine anyone just jumping into and watching something like that without proper preparation. That’s why I took it upon myself to cross the ocean, find the Top Gear set, and corner each of the three hosts and ask them the important questions. The questions that matter.


Questions about eating in cars and what cars they think each other would be and playing Marry, Fuck, Kill with cars, the new Top Gear late-food punching policy, and, perhaps most importantly, arguing with the guy from that big ‘90s TV show (I want to say Alf?) about the worth of the AMC Pacer.

So, before you tune in to the new season on Sunday night, make sure you watch this so you really know the people you see on screen.


It could save your life.*

* This is very improbable.

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nothing special

Opening myself up as a target, I feel like having Marry, Fuck, Kill be about cars here doesn’t really make it any more acceptable. It’s still marry, fuck, and kill, and those words don’t make any sense unless you refer back (at least mentally if not explicitly) to the original woman framing. Which is truly an ugly thing that is definitely a kind of violence towards women. It’s significantly unpleasant for me and makes me want to avoid your stuff, which would be a real pity as I liked the piece otherwise. I’m not trying to bash you, I just want to point out that it does give me a strong reaction and ask you to consider it because I feel like it would be easy to modify that bit and still have a similar outcome. I also ask you to consider what it might be like for any women who watch it.