We Aren't Getting The New Toyota Corolla Wagon But We Should

All Photos Credit: Toyota

There’s a new Toyota Corolla hatchback and that means there’s a new Corolla wagon to go along with it. But while we’re getting the surprisingly good hatch here, we’ve got no luck with the wagon. And that’s a bummer because this car looks spacious as hell.


This is officially the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports and what’s nice about this car is it’s on Toyota’s new modular body structure architecture platform thing. That means that the bones of the car (particularly at the front) is shared across a number of vehicles and the rest basically stretches out past it. As such, this car has a 2,700 mm wheelbase, or a bit over 106 inches from wheel to wheel. That’s a ton. That’s two inches short of a Subaru Legacy. That’s almost three inches more than a Golf wagon. The Toyota’s trunk space is supposedly 21 cubic feet, which is oddly just the same as what you get in the VW (21.4).

The rest of the car is pretty straightforward. There are no diesel engines, but there are the same gas and hybrid options you get in other Corollas, which Toyota refers to as “self-charging EV technology,” which is dumb.


But that’s not important.


This is a voluminous vehicle, this Corolla wagon, and it’s kind of a bummer that Toyota makes no mention of bringing it to America.

I mean, we could all just buy mid-2000s Saab 9-5 wagons and get just as much room, but there’s only so many Saabs to go around.

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