We Are All This Guy Reading A Volvo Manual At A Basketball Game

Are sports games not your thing? Or, perhaps, are you too disappointed with the world around you to even pay attention to them—or anything else, really? This guy, too. Things appear to be so bad, in fact, that he deliberately brought in the owner’s manual for his Volvo and read it during a basketball game.

Maybe his family made him go. “Here, Mr. Volvo Owner, put on your red shirt and come pretend to watch sports as we cheer this N.C. State basketball team to a solid loss against Notre Dame.” We all know how tough that family pressure can get. But when things get tough, the Volvo will always be there.


Keep on being you, Volvo Guy. Just make sure to take a break from your riveting text whenever the T-shirt cannon comes out.

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Alanis King

Alanis King is a staff writer at Jalopnik.