Way to Ruin Hello Kitty...Again

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So, we saw this a couple of days ago, but we've been taking some time to ponder our response to these aftermarket Hello Kitty wheels. Since one of us is a big Hello Kitty fan, people are always sending me links to all things HK, along with messages that say things like, "look how cute!" or, "I bet you'd love this!" The fact of the matter is, no, I do not like most of them. Sure enough, I got a similar message today when Kitty Hell posted a photo of the latest item to be butchered: A set of Hello Kitty wheels.


Why do I feel this way? The same reason I don't like knockoff Gucci sunglasses, or BMW's recent "car in every garage" marketing strategy, or the Porsche Boxster, or overexposed couture logos on $10 tee shirts. Mass merchandising cheapens a brand. Would we hold Koenigsegg or Bugatti in the same esteem if those companies were producing watered-down, entry-level versions within the reach of the unwashed masses?

It's not just about availability or price, either. It's mostly comes right down to aesthetics. Much of the Hello Kitty stuff I come across is done so poorly or is so blatantly cheesy that it just kills the cuteness that is Hello Kitty (which includes the photo of the pink Testarossa floating around the "Internets"). I'm sure there's a better way to execute $900 rims. Personally, a small etching of Hello Kitty on the hub would suffice. Subtlety speaks volumes. Come on, people. [Kitty Hell via Autoblog


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@i drive a dodge stratus!!!: @Tom Chambers over Mark Jackson: I have to disagree, tasteful would be no cartoon characters. With the bear and the daisy at least you know the owner of the car has a sense of humor, these my make you think they are actually serious.

Oh, and by the way, why the hell are we even talking about Hello Kitty Laura?