People tow cars all the time. It happens every day, innumerable times, all over the globe. But no matter how mundane and common it may be, it’s worth remembering that it’s no joke, and there’s genuine, complicated physics involved. That and when everything goes wrong, it’s hard not to watch.

You’re looking at a Volkswagen Caddy towing a very modified Toyota GT86 race car/drift car/maybe just a show car. Altogether you get a nice, alarming example of how, if you’re not careful, a tow vehicle that’s about the same size and weight as whatever its towing can effectively become a pair of colossal nunchucks, and then things look like this:

Yiiikes. We’ve actually covered the physics of what’s going on with that pendulum-type motion here, if you’re interested.


Towing is tricky. Be careful!

(via Mōtā Car Blog’s FB page)


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