Watching This Guy Remove A Bushing With A Drill Is Completely Mesmerizing

Nothing may be as deeply satisfying as watching an old, pressed-in bushing slowly pop out of its hole thanks to a clever use of a drill.

Removing these bushings is a difficult and annoying task, so here’s an alternate method that may be of use and doesn’t involve lighting a stinky old chunk of rubber or polyurethane on fire. Just a few rotations of the drill bit around the bushing’s outer edge and pop! Out it goes.


For those worried that this might scratch the crap out of something important, the sleeve that’s roughed up by the drill is actually part of the bushing. You could smooth out the sleeve with some sandpaper, or simply replace the entire piece with a new one.


[H/T John on the LeMons Racer Lounge!]

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David Tracy

That’s an Jeep control arm if I’ve ever seen one. Also, he’ll still have to knock out the metal shell of the bushing, so I’m not really sure that this method is all that helpful.