Screenshot: Throtl (YouTube)

You know those short and simple food videos that have been taking over the internet lately? This Mazda RX-8 build video is like that, but at the end, instead of apple cobbler, you get a modded, lowered and widened rotary-powered sports car.

The guys at Throtl are back but this time, instead of modding an FD RX-7, they’re working over a white RX-8. If I remember correctly, installing things like a new trunk lid and a hood on an RX-8 were not terribly hard. You could simply just unbolt them and swap them out.

I can’t say I’m in love with the multi-colored headlights, but I’m loving the wheels and the wide-body extensions. It’s a look I’ve always liked.


Anyway, the video compresses the months-long build into eight short minutes. If only modifying a car took this little time!