Watching This Crash Is Like Watching A Terrible Horror Movie For Real

There is one, universal factor that defines bad horror movies, besides Matthew Lillard. That universal factor is that you can see the terrible ending coming from just about 3000 miles away, like these guys do, when they see a drowsy driver and a crash just waiting to happen. SPOILER ALERT: It happens.


(Also, yes, I know this is the vertical-est of vertical videos. It actually made me think twice about posting this. But, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It's a good video. This is good video.)

Two guys in Fayette County, Pennsylvania were following behind a drowsy driver, watching them swerve this way and that way, just knowing there were about to see an inevitable crash. For over three minutes, the driver looks like they're just about to hit, well, everything.


"I don't want to be involved in an accident," one of the guys in the car following behind says at one point, just about a minute before he gets involved in an accident.

It's at this point we should probably note that if you see something like this, please call the cops, so that the situation can hopefully be stopped before it gets to the point of injury, or worse. But they have an absolutely wonderful reaction once the crash does happen, making sure that everyone else is okay.

Sadly, two of the people involved were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to local TV station WWLP. State troopers told fellow station WPXI that the driver that caused the crash fell asleep at the wheel after working a midnight shift.

But really, if you're feeling sleepy, pull over. Take a quick nap. Don't screw up someone's day.

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This might have been a good occasion to use your horn a few times.