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On my Facebook timeline yesterday, I spotted a post by a man stripping the paint off of his Jeep J20 pickup—and my gosh was he doing a fine job. “Which products are you using?” I asked. His response sent me down a rabbit hole of incredible videos showing paint being peeled from old cars with ease. Prepare to be mesmerized by some incredible stripping.

The man’s response was “Air craft [remover],” which I found out through some YouTubing, is an incredible substance that you just brush onto your paint, and then watch chemically transform the beautiful color that once adorned your car’s sheetmetal into floppy goo that can be removed with a paint scraper.


Seriously, watch this stuff in action on what appears to be a 1970s Chevy pickup:

And look at how it just turned the paint on this 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 hood into, essentially, dust:

The third video that I chose for this blog—of the 9,999 that I watched during my Paint Stripper Rabbit Hole dive—is actually not called aircraft paint remover, but is rather just an O’Reilly Auto Parts brand paint stripper. And my, just watch as it does essentially the opposite of what that black suit from Spiderman did to Peter Parker:

I need to get a few gallons of this stuff. Imagine the rust that could result if I unpainted one of my machines and drove it through Michigan salt.


The glorious, glorious rust.

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