Watching A Real Life Dino Truck Is The Best Way To End Your Week

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Screenshot: YouTube

This has certainly been a crazy week. But here at Jalopnik, we have found the perfect video to unwind and put a smile on your face, a construction vehicle with a dinosaur head!

Since I am somewhat in charge of two smaller humans, ages 5 and 8 respectively, I know about “dad things.” Both of my kiddos love dinosaurs and they also think that construction vehicles are pretty neat. There is even a fun kids’ show called DinoTrux that combines, you guessed it, dinosaurs and various vehicles.

So of course I thought my kids would be BLOWN AWAY, when my Jalopnik colleagues found this video:

Look at the googly eyes...they actually google! This particular dino demo is part of ongoing renovations at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, CT, one of the oldest and largest natural history museums in the world. It’s certainly an institution that knows a thing or two about dinosaurs, though visitors won’t be able to see any of its massive collection of fossils and reconstructed skeletons for a while, since the museum’s Great Hall is closed for renovations.


I keep expecting some pre-historic screech when the “mouth” opens. Who wouldn’t be entertained by this! It turns out, my own flesh and blood. I am sad to report that both my kiddos responded with something along the lines of “Well actually dad, Brachiosaours were a herbivore and didn’t have sharp teeth so this doesn’t make any sense.”


I, on the other hand, at forty years old is might rank this within the top ten things I’ve ever seen on YouTube. So today was a valuable lesson in “Just let people enjoy things.”