Watching A Racer Travel The World To Review Local Snacks Is Just Delightful

Pro racing drivers compete on circuits all over the world, and World Rallycross driver Andreas Bakkerud definitely makes the best of it with his too-delightful “Snakkerud” vlogs. He’s so dedicated to snacking, he makes a point to try local treats whenever possible, and the food reviews are a joy.


Bakkerud loves food so much that his helmet design even features his brain mapped out as the various munchies that are always on his mind. That’s dedication.

Thank goodness Bakkerud is adventurous with what he eats and willing to try out whatever fans send even if they’re chips from Jalopnik. One of my favorite episodes so far is the one from World Rallycross’ trip to Lydden Hill, England. England has all of its great culinary highs and lows all on display, thanks to a supremely fancy package from a fan.

The sweets are lovely, as even Krispy Kremes are available in the country now. Yet I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they are not fans of the Marmite, even if they probably should have put it onto something besides a spoon before trying it.

Other times, Bakkerud ropes team chef Pavel into helping him prepare some local eats. The Barcelona trip has a neat, behind-the-scenes look at all the stuff Bakkerud has to do before race right before heading into making some Spanish tapas in the team kitchen.

At Høljes Rallycross in Sweden Bakkerud goes searching for snacks to foist upon the Hoonigan Ford team himself. Bonus points for anything in Bakkerud’s color (blue) or that Bakkerud knows the team doesn’t like. Holjes is his favorite track, and they’ve got miles of cheap snacks.

I don’t know if there’s anyone else in motorsport who seems this genuinely enthusiastic about both race cars and food. Considering that race cars and food are a large chunk of what I watch on TV, Snakkerud’s food-ventures are the most easily enjoyable thing on YouTube right now. The videos also pop up from time to time as part of his Bakkerud Life vlog here.

Now can someone get him some poutine with smoked meat on top when they’re back in Canada? Thanks in advance.


[Thanks to Dusty Ventures for smuggling Bakkerud Canada’s best chips while I was out.]

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TLDR: IS that Marmite/Vegimite they are trying in the opening gif?