Watching A Honda Z600 Tear Ass Around An Indoor Go-Kart Track Is Just What You Need Right Now

I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever taken a kart around an indoor go-kart track has wondered, hey, I wonder if I could drive a car on this track? Usually, the thought comes to you because your hands are vibrating so much on that little steering wheel you can’t feel them anymore, but it’s a valid thought regardless. And for most cars, the answer is no, no you can’t. But a Honda Z600 isn’t most cars.

Yes, at the LeMans Karting track in Greenville-Spartanburg (I guess it’s so massive, it spans two cities), South Carolina some wonderful loon (who owns the track) took their lovely Kei-class Honda Z600 on the track and really whipped it around.


Here, watch:

Oh man, that’s a hell of a lot of fun. There’s in-car footage, too!

It seems that the best time was 1:11:40, which seems a bit slower than the roughly 50-second times that seem to be a fast time around that track, but to be fair no cart could come close to the Honda’s speed if they had a passenger as well, and none could match the comfort.

This is great. If you own a kart track, and you haven’t already bought yourself a vintage Kei car to whip around the track with, you’re doing it wrong.

(thanks, Cleveland!)

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