Watching A Honda Z600 Tear Ass Around An Indoor Go-Kart Track Is Just What You Need Right Now

I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever taken a kart around an indoor go-kart track has wondered, hey, I wonder if I could drive a car on this track? Usually, the thought comes to you because your hands are vibrating so much on that little steering wheel you can’t feel them anymore, but it’s a valid thought regardless. And for most cars, the answer is no, no you can’t. But a Honda Z600 isn’t most cars.


Yes, at the LeMans Karting track in Greenville-Spartanburg (I guess it’s so massive, it spans two cities), South Carolina some wonderful loon (who owns the track) took their lovely Kei-class Honda Z600 on the track and really whipped it around.

Here, watch:

Oh man, that’s a hell of a lot of fun. There’s in-car footage, too!

It seems that the best time was 1:11:40, which seems a bit slower than the roughly 50-second times that seem to be a fast time around that track, but to be fair no cart could come close to the Honda’s speed if they had a passenger as well, and none could match the comfort.

This is great. If you own a kart track, and you haven’t already bought yourself a vintage Kei car to whip around the track with, you’re doing it wrong.

(thanks, Cleveland!)

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Shane Morris

You want to hear a crazy story? This go kart track in Greenville is directly adjacent to a very well known... how do I put this delicately... it’s a crack motel. It’s the kind of place where you cheat on your wife with some insanely diseased sex workers.

So, about three years ago, me and my buddy Jim decided to drive down from Asheville and go to this go kart track. I figured when we were done, we’d rip some shards of crystal meth and raw dog some sex workers.

My buddy Jim? He’s wild. At the time, he was the CEO of Forbes. Maybe you have heard of him? His name is Jim Spanfeller. ANYWAY... we head down, ride some go karts around for a few hours, and then Jim turns to me and says, “Shane, you wanna get outta here and score some crystal meth? I’m dying to get loaded and cheat on my wife.”

He makes a phone call, and about 10 minutes later we are sitting in the All Star Motel, paying a day rate, and I’m watching Jim lay pipe in a heavyset Latina trans-woman, WHILE SIMULATANEOUSLY hitting a meth pipe. That’s just the kind of talent Jim Spanfeller has. Then, when he’s about to climax, he yells, “The Holocaust never happened!”and let out a mighty groan.

Suffice to say, if you ever get the chance to try out this go kart track, and you're in Greenville, do it. It's a fun time.