Watching A Hard NASCAR Crash On A Helmet Cam Is The Most Intense Thing

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NASCAR’s top Cup Series was at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Brickyard 400 today, where Kurt Busch’s race came to a halt with a hard hit with only 10 laps let in the race. Holy crap, the view from Busch’s helmet is intense.

The outside view of the crash wasn’t much better, with smoke from the crash obscuring the track.

The crash occurred after Clint Bowyer got loose. Erik Jones crashed into Bowyer’s out of control car as a result, and Kurt Busch collected Bowyer’s spinning car. Jamie McMurray was also caught up in the big wreck.


Busch’s in-car helmet cam was still insanely intense even as he was climbing out of the car:

Thank goodness for in-car radios. Hearing that you’re not on fire and that it’s safe to climb out of your car when you can’t see much of anything due to a crumpled-up hood and a wall out your window must be the relief of the century. An earlier hard hit tonight between Kurt’s brother Kyle and Martin Truex Jr. left Truex with a flaming car, so it does happen.

The Brickyard 400 had to be red-flagged to clean up all of the debris left on track, leaving us with a restart with only 10 laps to go in the race.


Update [8:16 p.m. ET]: Surprise, suprise: as yellows beget yellows, Kyle Larson’s car ended up on fire after the restart with six laps to go. Commentators wondered aloud if the speedy-dry on the track from prior wrecks may have caused Larson to get loose.


Update [8:19 p.m. ET]: The race is now going into overtime after Jimmie Johnson spun out while battling with Kasey Kahne and Brad Keselowski for the lead:


Update [8:32 p.m. ET]: Now it’s just getting ridiculous.


UPDATE [9:00 p.m. ET]: It took slightly longer for the cars to crash in the second overtime restart, but NASCAR finally declared Kasey Kahne the winner, regardless.