Yes, yes, very satisfying. Now fill one with chili and do it, Volvo! Do two at once! Can that crane, like, throw them? Try that!


It’s worth mentioning that dropping cars from cranes isn’t exactly new; Volvo’s Viking brother Saab used to do it, too, though from much smaller distances, indoors, and to primarily test rollover protection:

Image for article titled Watch Volvo Drop Cars From A 100-Foot Crane For Shits, Giggles And Important Research
Photo: Saab

Dropping new cars from extreme heights to aid first responders, like Volvo is doing now, is pretty novel, and I don’t think has much precedent.

And, yes, I am in the process of requisitioning a crane so we can add similar tests to our car review procedures. Manufacturers, you know where to send your press vehicles.