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Listen here, Gwyneth Paltrow. Being Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't make you invincible or above the law. It doesn't mean you can cut off a moving school bus with your Vespa, especially when your kid is riding passenger behind you.


Paltrow, according to the gossip-mongers over at TMZ, is accused of pulling a major asshole traffic move recently when she was apparently caught on video cutting off a school bus on her Vespa while her kid was on the back.

The story goes that Paltrow and husband husband Chris Martin were picking up their kids from an L.A. school last week on their respective Vespas (I know, I know. Right there we're at about a 26.5 on the 1-to-10 asshole scale) when Paltrow darted out in front of a school bus.

As we can see from TMZ's video below, she nearly hit the school bus, which would have ended very badly for her and her kid. Luckily, the actress scooted away after the bus driver slammed on the brakes.

TMZ called her the "a-hole of the year" for that little maneuver. I dunno, it's only still September, so we'll see if she really deserves that title. It's unquestionably an asshole move for sure.


And who picks up their kids from school on matching Vespas? What, the residuals from Iron Man 3 weren't good enough to put you in a Prius?

Hat tip to Wayne!


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