Believe it or not, Red Bull Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo had to be talked into doing a shoey—the celebratory chug out of his shoe—by podium interviewer du jour Martin Brundle. Ricciardo finished third at the Austrian Grand Prix. But the first and second place winners—Valterri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel—really weren’t feeling shoe-funk for a sip.


Brundle decided to use Ricciardo’s iconic post-race celebration for good this time, asking to keep the shoes for charity. He initially asked for Bottas’ and Vettel’s shoes, but they quickly noped right out of that challenge.

Ricciardo tried to sneak his shoe in while Bottas was talking with Brundle over his Driver of the Day win, but Bottas was quick to deflect.

Mind you, this is on top of Bottas’ almost superhuman reaction time at the start of the race. Bottas’ Mercedes set off with a 0.201-second reaction time that was so quick that F1 officials had to double-check the data to make sure he didn’t actually jump the start.


Between those two things, I am now convinced that Bottas is some kind of Finnish ninja, and it’s looking more and more like Mercedes would be lunatics not to extend Bottas’ contract past his current one-year deal for 2017.

Maybe if he’d do a shoey, Mercedes would announce that they’re keeping him. Maybe.


Do the shoey, Valtteri. Do it!

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