Watch Two Supercross Riders With No Chill Shove It Out After A Crash

And so it begins, in this year of our orange overlord: a new season of motorsport beefs. Last night’s AMA Supercross race in Anaheim, California brought us the first episodes of anger in 2017, debuting what some overeager commentators have been waiting for from the edge of their seats: the fights, duh.

Riders Jason Anderson and Vince Friese collided during 450X Heat 1, causing Anderson to fall and take rider Marvin Musquin down with him. Anderson, naturally, found Friese after the heat and started giving him a stern talking-to and pointing-at from his bike.


Anderson then struck Friese’s helmet, and then was shoved off his bike by Friese in retaliation.

Guys, it’s only January. As we’ve seen this week, there are people who truly deserve a smack to the head far more than a fellow competitor. Chill out! There’s plenty of time to get angry later on in the season, when championship battles heat up and there’s more on the line to be angry about.

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