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Watch Two Girls Team Up For The Worst Parking Job We’ve Ever Seen

Jalopnik Top Tip: If you are having trouble parking and your friend gets out to help you, do not then hit a car, knock your friend over, crash into another car and then drive away, which is exactly what these two ladies do.

Yes, the driver of this Dacia Sandero Stepway mashes the gas in reverse, hits one car, knocks her friend down, careens into a second car and then speeds off. Great news! This is probably the worst parking we've ever seen, and that's saying something.


(Thanks to everyone for the tips!)

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I keep reading stories about good, honest people who have done something with their life dying or being killed, and yet people like this get to live on...

Its one thing to screw up and hit a car and run. To hit a person and run is very very low. To smash an acquaintance whom has just gotten out of your car to help you park, then leave them on the side of he road, injured (I'm assuming as you never see her get back up). I hope this drives dies a slow and painful death, alone and afraid in a dark corner.