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Watch Two Electric Hypercars Get Crash Tested Back To Back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Rimac

The Rimac C_Two is a semiautonomous electric monster that will go into production next year. Rimac has been crash testing the car ahead of that. But not like Richard Hammond did in a different Rimac. These tests were with crash test dummies and in a lab.

Rimac had previously crash-tested the car last year, and also has been computer modeling crashes. The two new tests occurred at 40 kph (about 25 mph) and 56 kph (about 35 mph).


In both tests, the Rimac engineers report, the dummies survived “reasonably well” and better than what is required. Further, in both tests the “tub” protecting the driver’s feet also stayed intact, which engineers said was a particular concern.

“The value that we’ve seen basically disappearing in milliseconds here two times in two days is enormous,” Petar Majanović, a Rimac mechanical engineer says at one point in the video, “However the result is much more important than what we invested into this development.”


We are in the middle of what has become some pretty interesting times for Rimac, with the $2.1 million C_Two is on its way to production and the rumors that Rimac will take over Bugatti, and (probably) give us an electric Bugatti or three. That’s even though Bugatti is apparently doing just fine amid the pandemic, because the enormously rich people who buy Bugattis are doing just fine.

So are the ones who will buy the C_Two, since it is apparently already sold out. Those who bought didn’t even wait to see a crash test.

(Update, 11:00 a.m. Friday: A Rimac spokesman says that the C_Two is not sold out! You still have time to get your order in. As you were.)