Police opened fire on a semi-truck in a high speed pursuit near Hammond, Indiana after the truck refused to stop, according to Fox 32. We now cut to footage recorded on the scene from two bros totally losing their minds, dude.



“He’s getting on the highway, dude!”

“Holy shit, dude!”

“Ho-ho-holy shit!”

“Holy shit, son!”

“Get that mother fucker; get that mother fucker!”

“We’re going that way, dude.”

“Haha-holy shit, dude, that semi was doomed, holy shit. Those tires are gone, dude.”

“Go get him dude! We’re going that way anyway.”

“Holy shit!”

“Haha, motherfucker!”

“Holy shit that was awesome. He’s like ‘whaaaaaaa,’ fuck yeaaaahhhh.”

“Dude I- He almost hit us, dude! I got it on video.”

“Dude, oh man, I hope he didn’t flip up here.”

“Dude, he’s going to wreck on the highway, hurry up, hurry up.”

“He might be wrecked already. Dude all these people; he’s about to kill somebody.”

“He’s on the highway.”

“Dude, he’s over there. They’re getting his ass. Holy shit. He’s got something in that truck, man. As soon as he hits that traffic he’s done. Oh, that semi’s cutting him off. Way up there, that semi’s just cut his ass off. Holy shit. Ho-o-o-ly shit, dude! Wow, I’ve never been in a police chase like that! She’s like, go! Go! Go! And I’m like why?”

“Stop, stop, stop before you hit the fucking car!”

“Look in the mirror dude! There’s fucking tons of cars.”

“They got him dude! Haha!”

“Oh yea, they got that motherfucker.”

“Keep going, they can get by us. Keep going.”

“They got his ass up there dude.”

“Yuup, they got him dude! That’s fucking hilarious, the stupid fuck!”


“I’ve never seen you so excited.”

“That was fucking awesome dude! He flew right past us, his fucking tire ripping off!”

Thanks, bros!

Via Mashable