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Watch Travis Pastrana Land The First Motorcycle Backflip From Barge To Barge

Motocrosser, stunt rider, rally nut, Nitro Circus head honcho and all-around eXtReMe guy Travis Pastrana just landed a truly insane stunt: a 75-foot backflip jump between two un-moored barges in the River Thames. Any slight gust of wind could have moved the barges and ruined the landing, making this a tad insane to attempt.

Pastrana only had 150 feet of run-up to get up to speed on the first barge before launching in the air and only 36 feet to bring his motorcycle to a stop on the other side, The Telegraph reports. Pastrana also had to account for the wind when he set off from one side so he wouldn’t blow off-course.


The stunt was last attempted 11 years ago by Mike Metzger, and who fractured a vertebrae when he didn’t land it, per The Telegraph. No one had attempted the stunt since.

It’s a nice follow-up to thoroughly owning the Mount Washington Hillclimb, that’s for sure.


[H/T Erik!]

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thanks to this goon’s incessant marketing and self promotion i’m thoroughly desensitized to anything he does. haven’t been impressed in years