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The new BMW M2 is widely acclaimed to be the best BMW M-car currently on the market. Chris Harris is widely acclaimed to be the best automotive reviewer on the market. Top Gear... well, it’s had a few headaches, but it seems to be working on things.


But put all three of those together and you still get a great little film. Harris, who owns a Kermit Green BMW F80 M3, still misses the good ol’ days, as he opens the clip in an E36 M3. And that’s the frame he uses to explain why the M2 is not only good, but necessary.

Save for a few missing M features like an... oil temperature gauge and a glowing illuminated shifter, in the end the M2 beats an Audi RS3 on the time-tested Top Gear fun-ometer, 514 to 76. And that’s all that matters.

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