Watch A Three Car Pileup Happen As Everybody Stares At SpaceX Rocket Launch

On Friday, SpaceX launched a rocket into space, freaking a lot of people out on the ground, some of whom thought it might be aliens. (It wasn’t.) Unsurprisingly, some drivers on the road were similarly caught unawares, likely leading to a pretty nasty collision.


According to KABC, the crash happened on Interstate 10 in Beaumont, around 80 miles east of Los Angeles, with at least three cars involved and injuries unknown. Drivers can be intermittently braking as a white mass appears in the sky, and then, well, watch for yourself:

The whole thing is a good reminder that, even if—perhaps even especially if—the apocalypse is here, keep your eyes on the road. Your car is one thing that you’re going to need.

Correction: The crash occurred around 80 miles east of Los Angeles, not, as I originally wrote, west, which would probably be somewhere in the ocean.



...and they just kept driving.