Watch This Woman Blow Winning A Ferrari 458 On The Price Is Right

If you get on The Price Is Right, you don't want a dining set. You don't want a jacuzzi. You don't want to guess the price of popcorn for Plinko chips. You want A NEWWW CAAAARRRRRRR! Earlier today, one woman had a chance to win a Ferrari 458 Spyder. And she lost. Badly.


The contestant, Therese, had to play Three Strikes to have a chance to get the 458 Spyder. They even had to add a sixth number to the board in order to accomodate the price of the Ferrari.

Therese doesn't really know how much a Ferrari costs. At all, much like the vast majority of the public.

She knows it's expensive. But she thinks it's $100,000 expensive. It's more than that. Then she goes the other way and says it's $800,000. It's less than that. Then she goes for $600,000 expensive. Yeah, Therese doesn't end up winning the car.

The ancillary costs (taxes, insurance, etc) that would be associated with the Ferrari could be far too much to handle for pretty much anyone that can't already afford one. Still, cool of Drew Carey and TPIR to try and give one away. Also, she got on the show. We know how exciting that can be.

Full clip below, car comes up at 3:00.

(Special thanks to Tim Burke for the video assist!)


For Sweden

Offering a new Ferrari is a pretty safe move for The Price Is Right, isn't it? Very few people know what one actually costs, and not many could pay the five-figure tax bill.

Though, if you did win the car, could you finance the tax bill with an auto loan?