Watch This Vintage Snow Plow Bash Its Way Through 10-Foot Drifts

Whether or not you got a white Christmas, you might enjoy this old footage of a 150 hp snow plow truck bashing its way through huge drifts in Upstate New York in 1939.


The fellow narrating this 1939 snow plow film really likes snow plows, and keeps making reference to Barnes Corner, N.Y. — where part of this was filmed — remaining the same as it was in 1939. Of course, it's been another 40 years since this film came out, but his words probably still stand true today. Barnes Corner, not far from Lake Ontario and a sprawling forest, is pretty much smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

To be honest, this is pretty impressive. The plowing operation is somewhere between a hoon and an armored vehicle assault, and the plows are raised and lowered with a hand chain block; pre-hydraulics. It's amazing that those rickety-looking trucks could withstand such punishment.


(Hat tip to Axel-Ripper!)

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