Photo: Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

This semi-truck driver in northwestern Michigan had a decision to make: smash into a little Buick, or crank the steering wheel hard and pray. Well, here’s a video showing what happened after he chose the latter option.

At about eight o’clock this morning in Leelanau county in northwestern Michigan, sheriffs got to the scene of an accident and saw what you see in the picture above: a seriously messed-up tractor trailer.

The semi, owned by an excavating company, was headed down a highway when a 16 year-old in a Buick pulled out of a parking lot without looking. The truck driver avoided almost certainly killing the two teenagers in the Buick by yanking at the wheel. The truck went out of control and struck a street sign, ultimately ending up in the grass on the side of the road.

Luckily, the Leelanau sheriffs department’s Facebook page says, neither the 32 year-old man in the truck, nor the two Buick passengers were injured in the accident.

Still, the young driver from Traverse City, Michigan was cited for failure to yield, the big rig was completely destroyed, and some nearby property was damaged.

Here’s a video of the accident:

I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that nobody was injured or that the aloof Buick driver was under the age of 70. Either way, the truck driver’s decision to avoid the car was clearly the right one.


h/t to MLive