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Watch This Toyota Take A Corner At Over 195 MPH

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Toyotas are plain and conservative cars, unexciting more than anything else. Here's one taking a corner in excess of 195 miles an hour. Wait, what?

This is the Toyota TS010, the early 1990s ancestor of their current 1000 horsepower TS040. Here you can see the car testing in 1992, running this wide corner at Australia's Eastern Creek circuit at above 315kp/h.

That's the kind of thing you expect from an Audi R18, not something over 20 years old.


There's a reason why I adore Toyota's Le Mans efforts. That the same company can build these cars and also the dullard Camrys and Venzas I see every day just blows my feeble little mind.


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