Watch This Stone Faced Hero Drive The Crap Out Of A Porsche 918 At Spa

Spa is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world. The Porsche 918 is one of the fastest cars that has ever graced the Earth. And this guy might not smile while driving, not even once, but he’s driving this 918 like he’s escaping from a volcano.

The driver here, Mark, is also the owner and he picked the car up just 24 hours later. But that doesn’t seem to let that phase him as he goes faster than a road car should rightfully go at any race track. Just look at that steely eyed gaze as it stares the race track into submission. World class stuff here.


Hat tip to Carscoops!

An earlier version of the article said that the driver was not the owner, but then Mark emailed to let me know that he was actually both. Good shit!


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Forgive my ignorance, but what’s with the huge gloves? Does he have to play goalie at soccer practice later?