Watch This Russian Nissan 350Z Donut-Cut Itself Into An Icy Lake

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I’ll admit, normally I prefer to know the full context of these random videos but there’s something so perfect about this one as it is, I’m willing to let that slide, at least for now. It’s a video that’s been posted in a number of places, but I happened to encounter it via Twitter. Here, just watch:


Oof. This appears to be from either a Russian YouTube channel or perhaps a television show and, as you can see, it involves a Nissan 350Z with a nice big wing doing donuts on a frozen lake until it pizza-cutters itself into the ice, cartoon-like, and sinks, with the driver clambering out just in time, yelling something in Russian that I’m willing to be is well-sprinkled with profanity.

I’m not certain there’s a lesson here that most of us already aren’t aware of: Ice isn’t tarmac, and it’s got really, really cold water right under it, so, you know, maybe don’t keep driving over the same path in a circle with your spinning tires generating heat and cutting into the ice.

I like the little shrug the host gives at the end because it’s enigmatic to me; is he saying “hey, what happened?” or “huh, that’s how it goes” or “what have you done?” I’m really not clear.

Any Russian speakers (if it is, in fact, Russian) out there that may want to translate, I’d appreciate it.

Also, it’s telling how much I’ve seen of TikTok over my kid’s shoulder that my brain now automatically adds that “Oh No” song into videos like these. That can’t be healthy.

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So no one is going to call it out as fake?

Okay, I’ll do it...