Watch This Range Rover Be Restored in Stop Motion and Embrace Inner Peace

Welcome to my calm little center of the universe. It is soothing. Woosahhhhh.

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How I restored a classic Range Rover and saved it from the junkyard // SOUP Classic Motoring

Listen, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to restore a vehicle – be it a car, truck, motorcycle or even a bicycle – but it’s complicated, expensive, difficult and generally takes forever. It’s also extremely satisfying when you’re done.

YouTuber George Karellas found a way to increase basically all of those factors on the restoration of his beloved Range Rover Classic by filming the whole thing in stop motion. The result is arguably one of the most mesmerizing and generally soothing car videos on the internet.

Now, fair warning, this video clocks in at just shy of an hour and a half, but it’s also not the kind of thing you need to actively focus on to enjoy. I like to cast it from my phone to my TV and then leave it running while working on other stuff. I’d very much recommend this to you as well.


George has a bunch of other projects going on, too, like a restoration on a Lotus Esprit and a surf/camper conversion on an early Mercedes Sprinter van. He’s not a professional mechanic or panel beater, but he’s super enjoyable to watch, and his weird rambling asides in voiceover are generally a joy.

Check it out, give George a like and subscribe, and start the weekend early.