Watch This Prototype Slap A Barrier During A Hillclimb And Move On Like Nothing Happened

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There’s a clip that has made the rounds on Twitter these past few days, and I can’t stop watching it. A prototype running the hillclimb Salita course from an undated year pulls off one of my new favorite saves of all time. The car gets some air under the nose and looks like it very well might take off and start flying off to space. How it stays on the ground, I do not know.

But I also can’t get over the slap this thing takes into the barriers. And it hardly seems like the driver is bothered by all this nonsense! They just keep on truckin’, oblivious to the fact that they’re pulling off a legitimately sweet maneuver. Like, this fella just about goes flying into the trees and then still proceeds to continue on his fast lap like nothing happened.


I can’t stop watching. He just rides the barrier and lets it push him back on course. This is the kind of shit I’d pull in NASCAR Heat because it’s a video game with no real-life consequences and I am very bad at video games. But this driver pulled it off in real life.


This gem had me tracking down the original video where it came from, and it comes from BELLUNOVIDEO on YouTube, a channel that has hundreds of videos like this. The specific video in question is a compilation of crashes taking place on the course from 1999 to the modern day—many of which are absurd but none of which even compare to the clip above.

And if you’re not into crash footage, there are still plenty of videos of cars, both vintage and modern, dominating the course with no problems.


You can watch the whole thing below. The full clip starts at 7:37:

Kudos to you, Driver. You’ve made it on my weekly list of Cool People Doing Things I Would Die With Fright Even Thinking About. A prestigious award indeed.